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Mortgage Articles

Renewing your mortgage for the first time
Many Canadians renew their mortgages like they renew their newspaper subscriptions: the renewal notice comes in the mail, they sign on the dotted line, and that's that.
Your Credit Bureau/Score
This Credit Score is used by most lenders to help them decide whether or not you are a good credit risk.
Separation or divorce can hurt credit rating, experts say
A broken heart can often lead to bruised credit when spouses deliberately rack up hefty bills on joint-credit accounts to stick it to one another.
5 steps to build your best credit score
The following article can help you build a healthy credit history—and a positive credit score.
Information about your Credit File
Every day, Canadians purchase goods and services using credit.
Applying for a Mortgage Loan
Does applying for a mortgage seem too complicated? Knowing how your application will be evaluated will better equip you to evaluate your financial strengths and weaknesses.
Budgeting for a Home
Most people enjoy buying things, but don't like to keep tabs on their spending. Is it worth the trouble to develop a formal budget? The answer is yes, for the following reasons.
Getting a Mortgage for Self Employed Applicants
Getting a mortgage to buy a home for self-employed workers and those who work strictly on commission poses particular challenges.
Is your Financial House in Order?
Every investment has a certain risk factor, and buying a home is no different.
Mortgage Qualifying
Do you know whether you qualify for a mortgage and, if you do, do you know how much you can afford?
Renovating versus Moving Up
At some point in time, most homeowners are faced with the decision whether it is better to renovate or expand their existing home, or purchase another one.
Saving for a Down Payment
If you are considering Home Ownership but have questions about the down payment, this article will clarify some of the commonly asked questions.
Shopping for a Home
The homebuying process can be more productive and successful by taking care of certain details before you begin to shop.
Should you Rent or Buy?
Before you get too far in the homebuying process, make sure you really want to own a home.
The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home
Purchasing a home can be a stressful experience for anyone, but especially for first-time buyers who may not be aware that there are a host of costs associated with buying a home other than the actual purchase price and real estate commissions.
Understanding your Credit
Incurring debt is part of life for most people. Understanding how best to handle credit will help you maintain control of your overall financial situation.
Who you need to buy a home?
Buying a home is a somewhat complicated transaction that involves a number of professionals who all perform different functions during the purchase
Identity Theft in Canada
Identity Theft is a growing problem in Canada and the U.S. and it's consequences can be devastating to it's victims not only by way of economic loss, but in damage to your credit standing which can take years to correct.

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