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Who are Alberta Mortgages' Clients?


They are people like you.  And some who are nothing like you.  They are Albertans.

It is true that almost everybody needs a mortgage.  Even the rich and famous usually need to finance their home purchase.

Do you enjoy hockey as much as we do?  Then you have probably at some point watched a couple of our clients score goals in NHL games.  It is thrilling to meet NHLers, and even more thrilling to help arrange their mortgages.

We have also served celebrities, such as singers and even once a movie star.  We might not have Hollywood in this province, but we do have some acting talent.

This being Alberta, we have arranged mortgages for many energy executives.

And we have arranged mortgages for some of the largest commercial developments in Western Canada, as well as small business properties right near to you.

Occasionally, we arrange both home and business mortgages, as we did for Charlene in Red Deer:

"Alberta Mortgages has actually helped me a couple times with both personal mortgages and with a commercial mortgage at my place of business. They have worked with us dealing with lenders and getting the kind of mortgage we wanted and the terms we wanted.

They are really good at keeping you in the loop and helping you understand what they are doing. If there are any challenges, they let you know what they are and how they can go about handling them. They keep you informed as to what's happening."

But mostly, we serve ordinary hard-working people like you - people who simply want to own their own home and live a happy and fulfilling life.  Teachers and trainers. Store owners. Tradesmen.  Repairmen. Cooks. Clerks.  Nurses and doctors. Farmers. Police officers. Accountants. Drivers. Security guards. Therapists. Mechanics.  

Yes, Albertans just like you.

Just like when we helped a client facing foreclosure in Fort McMurray - and we were able to find a way to get them a new mortgage so that they could continue living their life.

Or the young couple buying their first home in Lethbridge and weren't sure if they could make the financials work - but we found a way to get them into their house as planned on time and on budget.

Or the retired couple in Edmonton who were unable to sell their home quickly enough and needed bridge financing in the meantime - yes, we were able to help them, too.

Or the small business in Calgary who needed capital to boost his inventory - we were able to free up that capital through an extra mortgage.

Over 14 years of helping people, we have seen a lot.  Elated people high on the dream of finally owning a hope,.  Desperate people unsure if they can make their next payment.  Meticulous people who wanted to know that all the details were properly arranged.  Hands-off people who just wanted to know that we would look after them.

And we did.  We looked after all of them.  We helped every one of them get the mortgage they wanted.

We can help you, too, whatever your situation might be.  Just complete the simple online mortgage application, and we can help you finance your next home or business property purchase.

Wherever you want to buy property, whether in Edmonton or Calgary, from Fort Chipewyan in the North to Cardston in the South, we can help arrange financing to get you into your new home faster, easier and with less uncertainty.  In fact, we have arranged mortgages across Western Canada, including Saskatchewan, BC and The Northwest Territories.

In fact, here are some words that Derek sent down from Yellowknife:

"I had two very positive experiences with Alberta Mortgages. I dealt with Gerry Orr on both occasions, Gerry gave me outstanding service & I have recommended Alberta Mortgages to family and friends."

We think all our clients are special and unique and hope you will be one soon. We will be here for you when you need us.

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