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Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

It pays to use a mortgage broker

The most obvious reason why you should use a mortgage broker is because it is 100% free.  And free feels good.  But "free" is only the beginning.  Not only do our services cost you nothing at all, but they will save you HUGE amounts of money - and a lot of time and headaches, as well. 

It really pays to use a mortgage broker

Here are some of the reasons it pays use a mortgage broker instead of arranging a mortgage directly with a bank.


As with everything else in life, someone with expertise can get better results.  A mortgage broker knows things that you don't.  You benefit from this in two ways. 

First, we already know where to go and what to do.  You don't need to go through a steep learning curve, because we have already done that for you. 

Second, we have access to better Interest rates than you do.  Yes, there are Interest rates available that the bank often does publicize.  This one advantage alone can save you thousands of dollars.

You're the boss: With a mortgage broker, you are the boss.  I don't work for a bank; I work for you.  A mortgage broker looks for the best deal for your particular situation, based on your individual needs.  Bank employees are trained only in their own, narrow suite of products.
Power shopper: There are over 50 lenders available to you, including banks, trust companies and credit unions.  A mortgage broker knows who they are, how to contact them quickly and shops around for the best deal for your mortgage.  Yes, you'll get the best deal from over 50 different lenders.  It pays to shop around.
Save time: Shopping around for a mortgage at even three or four banks takes time and energy, and even more so if you are uncertain what questions to ask.  Most people find the process highly stressful, and rarely end up with a great deal.  A mortgage broker can shop at over 50 banks and other lenders and get you the best deal, saving you time, energy, stress and money.  See how many ways it pays to use a mortgage broker?
Credit protection:

When I shop around for you, I pull your credit report from the Credit Bureau just once.  That maintains your good credit rating, helping you qualify for the best rates available.

If you decide to shop around for yourself at several banks, you risk harming your credit rating, making it harder to get the best mortgage rate available.  That is because each lender will order a report from the Credit Bureau - and multiple credit bureau requests is a big red flag with the banks.

Keeping a clean and strong credit rating to qualify for the best mortgage rates is one way that it really pages to go through a mortgage broker.

Be the winner this time:

The fact is that the banks don't need to fight for your business.  They know that you do not have the time, energy or expertise to shop around.  For them, it is easier to convince you to accept what they want to sell than it is to find what best suits your needs. 

On the other hand, banks know that a mortgage broker shops around.  They know that they have to present the very best deal to win your business.  Isn't it time the banks competed for your business, for a change?


Because a mortgage broker shops around, you have a choice.  You can pick between various deals and options.  One lender might offer you a better long-term option.  Another might offer a better short term option.  Because a mortgage broker shops at over 50 lenders, you can choose what best suits your goals and your lifestyle.

You also have options that take into account special circumstances, such as being self-employed or newly employed or retired, if you are credit challenged, if the property is a second home or a cottage or simply requires a second mortgage.  Keep in mind that banks are not as flexible - they have to sell you a one-size-fits-all product that often does not account for such special circumstances. A mortgage broker gives you access to so many more options than a single bank ever can.

So easy:

Using a mortgage broker is so easy to do.  Our application process is simple and carefully designed to be stress-free.  I always take the time to walk my clients through the process step-by-step so that they feel completely comfortable with everything.

If you wish, you can apply right now online.  Or give us a call at 403.249.9650  If you are in Calgary, please feel free to drop by our offices at 7058B Farrell Road SE.

So fast: In most cases, a mortgage broker can present your best options within 24 hours.  That saves you a lot of extra stress, because you can then focus on what really counts - the house you are buying - instead of worrying about how you'll pay for it.
Guaranteed: This is a wonderful reason to use a mortgage broker.  Even if the rate rises by the time you close on the property, your better rate is locked in.  Guaranteed.  But if rates fall, you automatically get the lower rate.  Yes, we guarantee it, and that is just another reason it pays to use a mortgage broker.
Flexibility: A mortgage broker doesn't keep banking hours.  He keeps your hours.  You don't see that kind of old-fashioned service much anymore, and certainly not from the banks.
I value you: Most of my business comes from referrals.   If you are satisfied, you will refer your friends and family. If you are not satisfied, you won't refer anybody.  I'll make sure you are satisfied.
Fully licensed: Mortgage brokers are licensed professionals.  You know you are dealing with an expert  you can trust.
Follow-up: A mortgage broker checks in with you and helps you keep updated on the latest in variable rates and possible improvements you might be eligible for.  And I am always thrilled to help clients plan their Mortgage Burning Party.


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